Installations & Musea

Installations & Musea

Compositions, Audio post-productions
Voice-over, Overdubs, Sounddesign & Foley,
Technical assistance of projects
Stereo, DTS surround, Discrete Multi-Channel  surround up to 7.1

In alphabetical order:


Audio post and voice over for “Audio-tour Rijksmuseum” A production of Tjitske Mussche

Audio post, Voice over and Sounddesign for “Open Luchtmuseum-Heersink” A production of RTL Productions and Juul Bovenberg

Audio post, sounddesign and composition for “de tijdkijkers – waddenmuseum” A production of SLEM and Floris Leeuwenberg

Audio-technical assistance and workshops for “St. Kunstuitingen”

Mix, audiomanipulation and technical guidance of Vera Boos for the “Audio-TourTestportal” N.D.S.M. Amsterdam

Recording and pre-production of the voice over for “NL Historisch museum” A promo by Prospektor, Amsterdam

Recording voice-over, audio-post and DVD Authoring for the “Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam”

Composition, audio-post and voice-over for a animation of a “Museum in Geneve”

Guidance of audio-visual installation for the “Artotheek” Amsterdam Z.O.

Live registration of debate “Het oog van de orkaan

Voice over recording and pre-production for the exhibition “Extremisme” An exhibition in the photo museum, Rotterdam by Prospektor

Recording and multi-platform deliverance for an installation at “Oerol” A production of Alpha Media Lab

Edit and voice-over for the presentation of “Srebrenitsa” A presentation at Kamp Westerbork

Field recordings for a lecture in the “Museum of Bergen” A production of a Moving Company

Recording and replaced audio for an installation at “Humanity House” i.c.w. Akhrat and the Humanity House

Field recording, composition, technical assistance and audio post for “het Watersnoodmuseum” A production of Prospektor, Kummer en Herrman and a Moving Company

Voice over and audio recording for “the book of Happiness and sadness” An art performance video of Irina Birger